GOP DA takes on Salazar in CD3 for ‘confiscating destiny’s bounty’

Running on what will clearly be a “throw-the-bums-out” platform, Republican District Attorney Martin Beeson late Sunday officially announced his 2010 candidacy for the Western Slope’s 3rd Congressional District currently held by Rep. John Salazar, D-Colo.

Beeson, the chief prosecutor in the 9th Judicial District (Garfield, Pitkin and Rio Blanco counties), has held office since 2005 because voters basically “threw the bum out” when they recalled for incompetence and nepotism DA Colleen Truden.

Now Beeson wants voters to turn with a vengeance on members of Congress whom he feels are fiscally running roughshod on our God-given rights as red-blooded Americans.

“As Americans, we must re-summon our courage and stand anew for that central value — freedom. Freedom to pursue the destiny God has designed for each of us without fear of Congress confiscating and redistributing destiny’s bounty through the House Appropriations Committee.”

Salazar, the brother of Interior Secretary and former U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar, serves on the Appropriations Committee.

“You are not free to bail out your campaign contributors … to spend us into decades of unsustainable debt … to decide economic winners and losers … to take over our banks and businesses … to use our tax dollars to pay for your re-election campaigns,” Beeson told the Aspen Daily News, adding, “But, if you don’t like any of this, Mr. Congressman, you are free to leave, and the sooner the better!”