Have you seen this CSU candidate for chancellor?

(Updates I and II below)

Who’s this guy? Help us find out.

It’s the guy in the background, the one who almost could be … a Don Rumsfeld looking for work? This man, whoever he is, appears to have been the only other candidate to be interviewed by the secretive Colorado State University Board’s chancellor search committee.

csu mysterymanmysteryman

Who is he and what are his qualifications? How does he stack up, for example, against CSU Vice Chairman of the Board Joe Blake, the man who voted with the board to create the chancellorship, helped shape the position and then got the job?

Blake submitted his application after a closed-door session with Chairman of the CSU Board Doug Jones, who has also worked with Blake at the Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce. Blake was appointed the sole finalist for the chancellorship in a rushed decision the day this photograph was taken.

So who was the other guy? Did he know he was up against something that looks a helluva lot like a stacked deck?

The photo was snapped by The Colordoan’s intrepid Trevor Hughes, who has also posted it at his Coloradoan blog. Way to go Trevor.

UPDATE: You web readers identified the mystery candidate. See comments section below.

UPDATE II: Credit for the fast ID goes to Marianne Goodland, reporter at the former Silver & Gold Record, who has keen eyes and some major crackerjack knowledge of Denver notables. Thanks Marianne!

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