Tancredo’s Team America PAC backs staffer who committed hate crime

I just talked to Bay Buchanan, the co-chairman of Team America PAC and president of the American Cause, who is sticking by executive director (of both groups) Marcus Epstein after this weekend’s revelations about his 2007 arrest for karate-chopping a black woman while yelling a racial epithet.

“I have been very impressed at the courage he has shown in turning his life around,” said Buchanan. “He has acknowledged the many personal problems he was facing at the time, and he’s addressed them.”

Buchanan attributed the release of court documents to “some low-life” who was acting out of spite. “Marcus is going off to law school [at the University of Virginia] at the end of the month,” she said, pointing out he had planned to leave before this case became public. “Who cares? This is something that happened two years ago that Marcus has paid a price for.”

According to Buchanan, none of this should affect Team America’s criticisms of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor — whom Tancredo has called a racist. “Sonia Sotomayor has been nominated to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States and we’re going to talk about her judicial approach and her record. That’s unrelated to any 21-year-old’s life or any problems he’s had.”

Buchanan expected Epstein’s ordeal to be over after his July 8 court date, which follows his plea bargain and two years of good behavior. “Are people allowed a second chance in this life when they realize their mistakes and their errors? I think so.”

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