Citizens rise against stimulus bike program, cite vast liberal waste

What’s the most intensely debated controversial federal stimulus program yet to be proposed in Colorado? A Boulder bike-share program, of course.

The Daily Camera last week reported that Boulder is eligible for an additional $1 million in stimulus money and that City Manager Jane Brautigam announced plans to use $500,000 of the money to pilot a city-wide community bike program.

Her modest proposal fueled red-hot discussion in the Camera comments section, culminating in the now-automatic exasperated question that somehow went unasked through most of the Bush years: “What the hell is happening to our country?”

In announcing the proposal, Brautigam said that Boulder would be the first small city to institute a large-scale bike-share program of this kind and that the program would be completed with private funds.

The Camera:

The remaining $500,000 needed to pilot such a program could come from other grants or private partnerships, she said. Details of such a program aren’t yet developed, but the tight deadline to apply for the money means Boulder officials must act quickly to ask for the money.

Sorry, no. Citizen-commenters were not persuaded, e.g.:

Bike welfare.

great…with interest, by the time our kids repay this, its probably a 3.5 million $$ program. just great.

This has to be the most ridiculous idea to ever come along. All the negative comments I’ve read here are spot on. What the hell is happening to our country?

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