Margarita pitchman Schaffer hawks family blend, 140 characters at a time

Former Republican congressman and erstwhile Senate candidate Bob Schaffer has taken his passion for margaritas a step further on the ethernet, inaugurating a Twitter account for Coyote Gold. That’s right, the 37-proof “Microbrew of Margaritas” is now dispensing tweets via the ubiquitous, fast-growing social networking tool. Here’s one of the first, posted shortly after the account went live Tuesday night:

Coyote Gold tweet (Screen shot/Twitter)
Coyote Gold tweet (Image/Twitter)


The tweeting margarita promises to “follow back anyone who loves or mentions ‘margarita’ on Twitter,” which could add up fast as weekends roll by. Already, Coyote Gold is following nearly 1,000 aficionados.

There’s also what appears to be a running roster of “Margarita facts,” including this one: “A pure, authentic margarita is gold, not green. Green margs are dyed and often have a limey artificial flavor added.” Coyote Gold, it hardly needs to be mentioned, is neither green nor faux limey.

Coyote Gold is going to need its Twitter feed to keep up with all the fans it’s likely to amass now that the blend is available in Texas, one possible site of the invention of the margarita around the time of the Second World War (though no one disputes the frozen margarita was invented in Dallas in 1971). The bottled concoction, which has previously been sold only in Colorado and a few stores in Wyoming, opened up a new market in Austin, according to a release issued last week, and has Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio in its sights.

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