Blame Milton Bradley for your bankruptcy and economic ruin

For God’s sake think of the children.

Slate’s The Big Money page offers up a horrifying feature on the personal finance lessons we learned as kids playing popular board games.

(Photo/fourlittlebirds, Flickr)
(Photo/fourlittlebirds, Flickr)

PayDay teaches kids how to get wealthy. We’re not so sure that this particular rule still applies: “As any financial advisor will tell you, the way to get ahead financially is to make Deals. It’s the American way! So take advantage whenever you can. The time will probably come when you don’t have enough money on hand to buy a Deal—or to pay your bills, pay a neighbor or make a charitable donation you are instructed to make. So, do what any red-blooded American would do: Take out a LOAN!”

Check out the economic road to ruin you set out on as a tot with Monopoly, the Game of Life, Acquire, Risk and my personal favorite — Mall Madness, the talking shopping spree game.


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