Media watch: Giuliani surprisingly rational on Sanford sex scandal

Why ask Rudy Giuliani to weigh in on the Mark Sanford infidelity madness unless you’re going to ask him directly about his own infidelity madness? MSNBC’s Morning Joe misses the opportunity, letting Rudy go on about Bill Clinton’s infidelities, instead. Weird. Imagine Clinton sitting in that newsroom and no one ever mentioning “that woman” Lewinsky or that other woman Jennifer Flowers or any of the rest of the other women. Could never happen!

MSNBC also lets Rudy turn the Sanford story into a bipartisan scandal.

“For every Republican who gets into this kind of trouble, I can point to a Democrat.”

What kind of trouble, exactly? The running off to Argentina unannounced and turning off the mobile phone? The certifiable temporary love-sick insanity?

If Rudy means the adultery part, then of course he’s right on. We should all agree to take sex scandals off the table: no more reporting; no more watching and reading; no more sex scandals, period. The exception to the rule, of course, would be any politicians who make a big show of their status as “values candidates” and who publicly aim to impose their ideas of morality on Americans as law and policy. They would remain open targets. Let the games begin!

Hat tip to FDL’s Jane Hamsher.

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