The great communicator: Sarah Palin’s rambling weird resignation

Lightning rod Gov. Sarah Palin announced her resignation yesterday. That much is clear. Everything else is foggy. She said she was candid about her reasons. No one knows what she’s talking about. Happy Fourth of July!

There were a lot of words in the speech, coming out fast.

She’s not wired for politics as usual. She doesn’t want to hit her head against a wall. Alaskans are wasting their money. There’s a national full court press picking away. She’s ready to call an audible so the team can win!

Speculation abounds and runs in every direction.

She’s running for president. She’s leaving politics forever. She’s the target of a huge unfolding scandal. She’s on prescription meds. It’s all the fault of Vanity Fair hitman Todd Purdum, that “sleezy slimy scumbag!”

Bloggers are spending the holiday guessing. In Alaska here and also “outside,” as Alaskans call the rest of the world. Look here — and all over the rest of the Web.

Now back to your bbq prep.

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