Markey joins the Colorado politican-website mystery-image game

Betsy Markey is running a photo on her website advertising tours of Washington D.C. The building in the photo is a big white government-style building with a dome. It isn’t the building that sits atop Capitol Hill. So what building is it and why is it there? Now we feel compelled to do another Friday story about the disconnected nature of modern consultant-driven politics characterized by New York-constructed websites.

This is important. A website gaffe is big. It calls into question a politician’s ability to manage his or her staff and to get things done properly for the voters constituents. What’s more, given the history of Colorado politician websites, we now simply have to report all gaffes and then we have to take the time to think up elaborate ways to defend them as more than just gotcha stories. Help us out here! Check your websites.

Readers, what building is this and where is it located?

<em>Capitol of where, exactly?</em>
A mystery building you probably won't see on a tour of D.C.

**Update: No information yet on the building. But of course Rep. Betsy Markey is an office holder, not a candidate, which is how the original headline described her. She is an incumbent!

**Update II: Tipsters and commenters identify the building as the Wisconsin state capitol in Madison.

**Update III: The image was reportedly updated with an image of the real U.S. capitol over the weekend. But now it looks like it’s back to the Dairyland capitol — a mighty handsome building in any case. Wait. I cleared my cache. It’s the real U.S. Capitol! How’s that for responsive?

**Update IV: Yes, we know this is not a real story.

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