Fed Economic Council: future jobs lie in education, health care, clean energy

The Obama Administration’s Council of Economic Advisers released a report today called “Preparing the Workers of Today for the Jobs of Tomorrow.” The report explores projected labor market growth patterns over the next six years, roughly, and is based on statistics provided by the Department of Labor. Major areas of expansion: health care, education, clean energy. The traditional energy category called “Mining and Natural Resources” flat-lines at about 1 percent of the workforce from now to 2016. New-economy Colorado will expand even as old-economy Colorado will contract or remain the same. In other words, oil and gas money will elect you today but it won’t put people to work during your term in office.

Skeptical? Curious? Ask CEA Chair Christina Romer. She is live right now, at 12:30 Mountain Time, on Facebook and at WhiteHouse.gov.

Download a pdf of the CEA report here.

Two key charts from the report:

Picture 1

Picture 2

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