Afternoon News Nuggets: 15 July 2009

Dug up fresh, daily.

BOOT CAMP: The National Republican Congressional Committee this week is flogging GOP state Rep. Cory Gardner’s fundraising efforts, clearly pinning hopes of unseating 4th District Democrat Rep. Betsy Markey on the young Yuma Republican. The early foshizzle support suggests Gardner may have been one of the lucky 35 or so GOP House candidates selected for special closed-door schooling by NRCC operatives. Note: His tweeting did lag a little in the last few days.

STAFF INFECTION: There’s less in the House and more in the Senate. And that’s not right. Especially these days.

HAZINESS: Carbon dioxide emissions are ruining the planet. But CO2 is not a pollutant. It wasn’t anyway. It will be soon. Air Quality Control is violating the Clean Air Act. What? It’s true. I think. Where am I? Boulder, of course.

GANNETT VACATION: Now this is news: Newspaper publisher Gannett posted profits this quarter. How is that possible? That’s how.

CRAZY MONEY: What a recovery for Goldman Sachs! Put another way: “Are we out of our minds? How can we sit by and let this happen?

REARVIEW RED GLARE: Fourth of July Fizzles for 593 Arrested for DUI.” Colo. law enforcement agencies will continue the “100 Days of Heat campaign through Labor Day, which includes high visibility enforcement, as well as additional checkpoints.”

Drive safe!

Written and compiled by David O. Williams and John Tomasic.

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