Afternoon News Nuggets: 17 July 2009

Dug up fresh, daily.

OUTTA THE POOL: The major Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid at Swift & Co. in Greeley four years ago now seems like a signal event marking a turn away from a severe and ineffective approach to the problem of illegal immigration and undocumented workers in the U.S. A new documentary on the raid and its effects on both the people involved and the larger local community screened in Greeley last night. The Greeley Tribune reports some realtime reactions to the film, “Swift Justice,” and offers a sample of non-realtime reactions in the comments thread.

EVERYBODY’S HAPPY: “The state likes me, because I’m paying taxes on everything I do,” Jones said, as he unpacked a medium-sized box containing four marijuana plants and a plastic bag of marijuana buds.

WEEDS: She’s not the cable-TV “hemptress“; she’s the Summit County Weed Manager, which can be hot, too, cuz some weeds are noxious, by which I mean not good.

ART PERMIT: You can’t make water. You can’t make water and add it into the Arkansas River. But you can make the illusion of more water and get people thinking about water and rivers and you can do that in mid-air over 6 miles of the river between Canon City and Salida. But only if you’re Christo and Jean Claude and the Bureau of Land Management says you can.

UPDATE: Denver Post Politics news is stuck forever on Tax Day eve. There is a tea-bagger webmaster at the Post sending hidden messages to tea-bagger readers. Or there is just incompetence. (OK. OK. Or there is maybe just flaky-ness or a glitch or maybe a million other things!)

Written and compiled by David O. Williams and John Tomasic.

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