GOP state Treasurer candidate Hasan’s tribute to the ‘man of Never Neverland’

Republican candidate for Colorado State Treasurer Muhammad Ali Hasan has penned a tribute to Michael Jackson. It is a sincere and hopeful piece. It also ranks up there on the strange meter next to Mark Sanford’s goofball love letters.

Hasan, a filmmaker, aspiring entertainer and real estate developer, is running against popular Democratic incumbent Cary Kennedy and Bush-family GOP representative and tax-hater Walker Stapleton, who reported major fundraising success this week.

Hasan posted to blogsite Colorado Pols Tuesday on the news of Stapleton’s big numbers.

It is definitely an excellent quarter of fundraising for him – congrats to the Stapleton team – great to see Republicans doing well and it’s a great sign for our good Party

Walker’s good fundraising has no impact on my personal decision regarding the race – we got a terrific gameplan organized and I’m not worried about finding the funds to make it operate well – the Mustang is sitting in the driveway and the keys are on the coffee table

Nonetheless – I’m enjoying visiting with Republicans statewide and developing my latest films – decision in the fall

Peace and love all!

Then apparently the would-be treasurer turned his mind to more important things than mere money. He was thinking about felled icon Michael Jackson.

His tribute to the star appeared yesterday on the Middle East commentary site Arabisto:

It is said that Michael Jackson passed away as a Muslim. As an American Muslim, I offer the following tribute:

I will always believe that Michael Jackson was innocent of all molestation charges pursued against him. Cases were pursued, evidence presented, and all ended in abrupt settlements or innocent verdicts. However, let my tribute be one of love, not legal defense. 

Many criticized him for his whimsical fantasies, but how could you fault a man who believed he could heal the unhealable and feed the ever starving?

It was always fitting that Michael’s best tribute would come from a fellow American hero, President Ronald Reagan. While President Reagan fought to end the Evil Empire, despite international paranoia that our good country would eventually succumb to the USSR’s nuclear invasion, it was Michael that never let us fear. Most of us spent the 1980’s glued to televisions, moonwalking to the music videos of ‘Billy Jean’ and ‘Rock With You,’ celebrating like a country that had no enemy. How could President Reagan not be thankful to a man that always made us feel better? Despite the absurd attraction we have for bad news, songs like ‘Thriller’ were just too attractive not to pay more attention to.

And remember those who said “never?” Those who said we could never defeat the Evil Empire? Those who said that AIDS would never be cured? Those who said that poverty would never be fixed? Those who said that Michael could never be innocent?

And then there’s Michael – the man of Never Neverland. The man who believed that every terminal illness could be cured, never never. That poverty could be eradicated, never never. Only fitting to name his favorite place Never Neverland, the one place in the world where “never” would never be true.

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