Sen. Brophy: Pshaw on that global warming

As he bike-rides the great terrain of the state this summer, Sen. Greg Brophy, R-Wray, is twittering. Last night he was inspired to share on the topic of climate science. He doesn’t want the state to spend money on studies of global warming. “E-gawd,” he Tweets. But to be clear, he doesn’t want the state to spend money on studies that start from the premise that the unprecedented modern human population has had anything to do with global warming. E-gawd!

Here’s the tweet, which includes the profile snap of Brophy on his bike:


So how does he feel about the state spending money on studies that refute anthropogenic global warming?

There is no real argument against global warming among scientists. The scientific community has achieved consensus on the matter. The global-warming controversy is media created and politically sustained.

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