MSNBC’s wackadoo Ed Schultz to host Broomfield Dems Dinner

He’s a liberal good ole boy and a cable TV throw-down artist ready at a moment’s notice to go head-to-head with Republican Party boss Rush Limbaugh. He’s Ed Schultz, host of MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” and he’s coming to Broomfield to host the local Democratic Party’s annual Carter Dinner, the local chapter’s “biggest annual fundraiser.” It’s another sampling of our infotainment cable-based multimedia always-on fundraising national-local political campaign culture. That’s Ed Schultz at the Carter Dinner in Broomfield. Mark it down!

There’s not really much more to say about this news. We do appreciate the Broomfield Democratic author’s use of the exclamation point after the name “Ed Schultz” (!) although the sincerity of that bold punctuation is called into question by the adjective couplets in the sentence directly below it:

The Broomfield Democrats invite you to the Carter Dinner. This is the largest annual fundraising event for the party and this year’s keynote will be given by MSNBC’s Ed Schultz!

Please join us amid the modern luxury of the four-diamond Omni Interlocken Resort.

Here’s Schultz doing a pretty good schtick on GOP Chairman Michael Steele. Steele got stuck a few weeks ago in a rhetorical trap set by his own strategist Alex Castellanos, who instructed Party leaders to scare Americans away from health-care reform by casting it as a risky, untested, dangerous “experiment.”

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