News Nuggets: 31 July 2009

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HEALTH REFORM TERROR: The risky scary healthcare reform experiment Pres Obama would subject the nation to will end in themurder of old people. Or it will formalize steps already being taken by smart and lucky Americans unafraid to make their last hour golden.

IT HURTS: Young men across the state are signing up for medical marijuana treatments. “This dramatic increase in an age group that is not expected to suffer from a chronic debilitating condition is concerning,” Colorado’s Chief Medical officer Dr. Ned Calonge said in a news release yesterday.

SUPERBAD: Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank caused a Colorado Politics kerfuffle last week by basically slandering U.S. Sens Udall and Bennet with imaginary observations of the two of them dealmaking in favor of gun rights on the Senate floor. Today Milbank took a sophomoric woman-hater swipe at Hillary Clinton in a video segment of his terribly unfunny “Mouthpiece Theater” satirical video blog-thing. The Washington Post quickly took the video offline. In this economy, how does this man still have work?

REALLY? Either Gov. Ritter stood up and told medical industry people that healthcare reform presented a “tremendous challenge” or the Denver Post just made that up so it could report it because it’s the kind of story the editors there just love. Look, they worked the master-of-the-obvious bit into the headline and into the first paragraph!

NEW DIRECTION CSU: Because, you know, maybe that billboard in Times Square probably wasn’t the best way to go.

Written and compiled by John Tomasic and David O Williams.

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