News Nuggets: 3 August 2009

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QUEENS AND COPS: In the war over welfare benefits in these recession-ravaged times, there’s even more than usual at stake. Neighbors and coworkers are ratting out suspected abusers of the system. Welfare agents follow up on tips. They come knocking and then root through bathrooms in search of signs of cohabitating freeloading men! What we have here is the makings of either the next wildly popular American reality TV program or a Michelle Malkin series of hard-hitting investigative reports. Or both.

TYRANNIES: The militant neo-con David Horowitz Freedom Center reports that U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif. — one of the true leftist members of Congress and an African-American woman– finds socialist constraint more agreeable than capitalist abuse. In a recent Congressional hearing, Waters threatened executives of banks running onerous credit card and loan policies with socialization. The Horowitz Center caught her! Waters said the word “socialization” and the Center has it on tape and is shopping it around. Read the post, though, and it’s hard to know whom the Horowitz Center is exposing with this campaign. Waters is angry at finance-sector greed. She wants change. She’s not the only American who feels that way.

THE HORSE’S ASS: It may be true. Or it may be a feint of some sort. According to Facebook and now other sources, including the Denver Post, former Rep. Bob Beauprez is being drawn to the tantalizing U.S. Senate seat presently occupied by Dem. Michael Bennet. If it’s true that Beauprez is committed to running, Coloradans will be treated to another round of world-class laff-riot campaign buffoonery.

IT’S A BOY: While the economic downturn threw men out of work, it placed more women on the payrolls. In fact, reports suggest there are more women working in Colorado today than ever before. That’s not so great, on one level, because women still make a lot less money than men. Proposed solutions: raise women’s salaries across the board and create more green-collar jobs.

COUNSELOR FREE ZONE: There has been no US Attorney appointed to Colorado by Pres Obama to date, which oddly doesn’t really seem to matter at all.

THIS AMERICAN LIFE: “They’re very food motivated, which makes them easy to train.”

Written and compiled by John Tomasic with David O Williams.

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