Medical Marijuana plant-stash lands patient in court

In today’s chapter in the unfolding story of Colorado’s expanding medical marijuana industry, we find that a patient has been arrested and charged and will now have his day in a Boulder County court. He is not one of the state’s young-man patients, the class of surprising chronic pain sufferers drawing the attention of state medical authorities. He is, like so many of the new patients, a Boulder-area resident, but he is a man over thirty. He is a man more than thirty who had more than thirty plants in his home– in garbage bags in the garage. Um, okay.

Authorities said Jason Lauve, 38, technically a Louisville resident, just had too much of the drug.

But no, Lauve said. He is allowed under the law to have six plants and maybe more depending on his condition. The problem, Lauve said, was just that he was a bad grower.

According to the Denver Post, Lauve said he “kept the plants in trash bags in his garage because he didn’t want to leave them outside for trash pickup…”

The jury was selected Monday. Opening statements are set for Tuesday.

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