News Nuggets: 4 August 2009

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MILLIONAIRE GRASSROOTS ACTION: “These aren’t just some organizations that these guys gave money to.¬†They run them…!” The “grassroots” efforts to defeat health care reform are scary. They’re terrifying Glenn Beck.

WASHPO WOES: For anyone not Tweeting today or Facebooking, the news is that the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank and Chris Cilliza are finally funny! Because they are being expertly mocked. Two American heroes have made a silk purse from the WashPo’s sow’s ear. Unfunny version. Funny version. “Are we viral yet? Please say we’re viral.”

TALKING WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING: The Colorado Springs Ethics Commission is recommending action in the conflict-of-interest complaint against mayor Rivera. But no one ever has to report what the Commission recommends!

DEAR LEADER: A mayor for mayorless Pueblo would mean greater administrative accountability and effectiveness. Or maybe just greater political leverage.

HOME ECONOMICS: People are buying homes again, going into massive debt in a recession to save the economy! Banks, though, uh-uh. They still won’t do their part. Today’s Treasury Report Card for BofA and Wells Fargo: F

Written and compiled by John Tomasic and David O Williams.

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