Clear out the kids; stay away from hospitals; teabaggers want to talk about health care

This is the way it is with the Malkin / teabagger wing of the conservative movement. The intent to aggressively confront lawmakers holding health care forums during the August recess has notably taken the form so far of shouting speakers down and effectively ending the meetings. Today Malkin posts a dispatch from Arkansas, where U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder plans to hold a town hall in a children’s hospital.

The read for the Malkinites is that Snyder is “avoiding tough questions” by speaking at a place where kids might be frightened by the teabaggers’ aggressive tactics. This idea works not to give the Malkinites pause but to further incite them.


When you can’t stand the heat… hold your congressional town hall in a children’s hospital to avoid tough questions.

It’s the Democrat human shield strategy at work again. Kenneth Wallis in Little Rock reports on Rep. Vic Snyder’s plan to evade constituent accountability:

She then quotes the report she received from Wallis.

Just called Arkansas Children’s Hospital […] I confirmed that the event would be open to the public. It has been recommended that people not go to protest in anger due to the fact that there will be ill children and their families at the hospital. Snyder decided to hide in a hosptial when he realized that he would face angry constituents.

What do these people want to do that they can’t do in front of “ill children”? Is there no way to weigh in strongly and demonstrate objections without being frighteningly angry? Do they want to hold the debate in a match cage? A boxing ring? An alleyway?

A public policy forum of spirited debate on health care held (why not?) in a hospital should be fine and appropriate– unless you want to act like gorillas, I guess.

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