Life in Birther Conspiracyland: Running the endless loop

This thread at the Right Side of Life, keying off of a thread, is actually a pretty useful look at the way facts bounce off of the “birther” community like so many eggs off of a Humvee.

David Wiegel (sic) is a regular poster at the Politijab Forum.

Actually, no: I joined the site in order to read the threads at that superlative Web forum for “birther”-debunkers. I’ve never posted a comment there.

The rest of the argument posits that “Politijab is an astroturf site” because its inbound links come from AOL News, Daily Kos, Topix, and Democratic Underground. How that proves that the site is astroturf, I have no earthly idea.

You can draw your own conclusions, however a betting man would find favorable odds that a one “David Weigel” is part of the fraud campaign.

The “fraud campaign” is a new conspiracy theory, which argues that David Bomford’s birth certificate (used to forge the infamous “Kenyan birth certificate”) is itself a forgery, despite David Bomford’s acknowledgment that it’s real, and despite the failure of anyone responsible for the “Kenyan” certificate to come forward. One more reason to doubt that even the release of every Obama record would please the birthers; with the Bomford certificate, they have a genuine document that predates this conspiracy theory, and their forums are abuzz with “proof” of how it’s forged.

David Weigel writes for the Washington Independent, the Colorado Independent’s sister site in D.C.

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