News Nuggets: 5 August 2009

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HEALTH-CARE RICHES: Colorado anti- health-care reform protesters are being rallied and bused around tomorrow by “free-market” group Americans for Prosperity. On its “Patients First Bus Tour,” AFP will be hauling the group to Fort Collins, Greeley, Golden, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and other towns. AFP is a national organization that stands against all things related to health-care reform and in favor of all things related to tobacco. That sounds like a win-win for the health industry! AFP doesn’t want to see any change to the “free-market” system we enjoy in this country right now– even though patients don’t seem free to choose much of anything. Maybe Americans for Prosperity likes the system mainly because it’s good for prosperous people and because the system is making some prosperous people even more prosperous, including maybe some of AFP’s financial backers. The question for the protesters who are being encouraged and bused around by AFP is whether the system is making any of them prosperous.

DIGNIFIED CABLE TV: CNN is too classy to run an anti-health insurance ad that targets one company, Cigna Corp., and its CEO, H. Edward Hanway. CNN says the ad just does not meet the station’s high standards.

STOP THE MADNESS: Colorado Secretary of State Bernie Buescher puts another stop on “clean government” Amendment 54. Donors, politicians, union members and Constitution lovers sigh with relief.

FOUND OBJECT: The president’s one true “long form” elusive birth certificate has at last been located. Or you could just make your own.

SAILED SHIP RETRIEVED: The news ain’t free– or maybe it’s free but still expensive. Boss Murdoch is going make you subscribe.

Written and compiled with David O Williams.

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