News Nuggets: 6 August 2009

Dug up fresh, daily.

TRANSPARENCY: This time it’s a problem in Longmont, with the city council. The rule is pretty basic but apparently hard to follow. Public bodies must decide certain basic matters on the record for public review. Just do it. Don’t make us sue you!

ISLAMOFASCISM: Fort Collins made national news on health-care reform today. Not really on health-care reform, actually, but on the questions raised by the McCain-Palin campaign rally-style protest launched there last week outside the offices of Democratic Rep. Betsy Markey. Question: Where is the woman who is holding the sign bearing the Swastika with the President’s name under it getting her information about the proposed health-care reform plan?

DEALERSHIP DISASTER: Iron Mountain Autoplex in Weld County went under. One hundred people lost their jobs. The bad decisions, accounting evasions and overall mess left in its wake will tie your stomach in a knot. It’s a recession tale of clunkers and no cash.

CHANGE THEY BELIEVE IN: Focus on the Family Gender Issues Analyst and former gay Jeff Johnston is disappointed with the latest American Psychological Association’s guide to treating homosexual patients. It’s all off, he said, because the APA starts from the false assumption that homosexuality is normal and positive.

LINKED IN: In this economy you don’t dare take time off. Even in Colorado, where the mountains beckon always, painting a picture of your past fully employed life where you had colleagues who could pick up the slack if you wanted to hike for an hour or otherwise escape your keyboard. Remember?

Written and compiled with Ernest Luning.

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