News Nuggets, 7 August 2009: Anti-health reform demagoguery in Pueblo

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SENIOR CARE: Concerning the GOP/ health industry-backed misinformation and rabble rousing campaign on health reform, it really doesn’t get any more damning than the anti-reform rally held in Pueblo yesterday. The soap-box speaker captured on video has no idea what he’s talking about but a damn good idea about what he’s doing.

Adolf Hitler called his program the Final Solution. I kinda wonder what we’re gonna call ours…. If you find this [reform bill] as repugnant as I do, you need to take it to the next step. You need to let Congressman Salazar, Senator Bennet and Senator Udall know that you don’t appreciate this. You don’t want anything to do with it. How do you notify these people? You can call ’em. You can write ’em. You can email ’em. Or You can go to their office and put the fear of god in ’em!

BUDGET STALKER: Home Rule Colorado Springs is fighting to free its city programs from the steely hands of a strangler.

BUDGET STALKER II: As Colorado Springs councilmembers seek to escape, Sen. Bennet is inviting the strangler to Capitol Hill! He believes that after the economy recovers and the stimulus has worked and so on it will be time at last to bring fiscal discipline to the nation’s capital. No more Bush Reagan style “fiscal discipline” the kind That kind we can do without. We need a national TABOR!

THE GOOD-BAD-GOOD NEWS: Grand Junction incomes were so high and then they dipped. But, as they say at the GJ Business Incubator: “Anytime you see a downturn in the economy, that is the time to start a business.”

RAP SHEETS & BALANCE SHEETS: Summit County joins metro Denver in terminating its drug task force. For now and years to come, perhaps, the drug cops are out of business. According to the Summit Daily, mostly the task force seized small amounts of marijuana. Task force members found the stashes, partly by making undercover drug purchases. So, apparently pot dealers will be losing some customers on the way to gaining more customers.

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