Democratic leaders and Redford gather in Denver

Project New West is hosting a summit through Friday designed to provide leaders with tools to better reach voters in the West. The two-year-old company explains its mission as providing “subscribers with a roadmap to understand the political, demographic, and issue landscape…”

Project New West President Jill Hanauer explained today that “by any measure—political, economic, demographic—the region we live in today is a far different place than it was thirty years ago, or even ten years ago. Our goal is to understand these changes and give progressives the tools they need to shape the debate, control the agenda, and achieve lasting success in this changing environment.”

With the West increasing as a key battleground in national elections, attendees will be instructed on what makes it tick. Hanauer, who was not available for comment today, told the Denver Post that attendees would receive comprehensive instruction, everything from how to tell the difference between environmentalism and environmental conservation to how to say “Nevada.”

The Post reports the summit attendees will include Robert Redford, T. Boone Pickens, and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Project New West’s website notes that Gov. Bill Ritter will also be attending.

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