News Nuggets, 13 August 2009: Markey Town Halls!

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BRING IT ON: U.S. Rep. Betsy Markey will go from walking through one bitterly contested territory to another. She is concluding her fact-finding mission to Israel and embarking on a series of meetings and town halls on health reform here in Colorado. Markey’s office reports she will host a “series of Congress on Your Corner listening sessions, roundtables, office hours, a telephone town hall meeting with over 40,000 Fourth District residents… and town hall meetings with the owners and employees of more than a dozen businesses across Northern Colorado.” These will be rich meetings, no doubt, less intractable we can only hope than a policy discussion on the West Bank. Full listing of event times and locations at Markey’s website.

TOP COUNSEL: At long last Colorado has got itself a full-fledged U.S. Attorney. David M. Gaouette was appointed and sworn-in to the post today. Gaouette was Acting U.S. Attorney and before that he was First Assistant U.S. Attorney. He has been a federal prosecutor since 1984. He began his career as a police officer and earned a law degree from the University of Denver. He was assigned to the Mountain States Drug Task Force. Gaouette is French for “stay put and good things will come to you.”

GONE TO WASHINGTON: Thanks for traveling from your home state to Capitol Hill. Did we say “appointment”? We’re sorry, perhaps you misunderstood. We said “visit.” You can visit the office of your lawmaker anytime you want. But you do not have an appointment to actually see your lawmaker, and you cannot have one today.

BEDFELLOWS: Relationships in the world of politics and celebrity compel. Example: There was Michael Jackson– talented, sad, lonely, mysterious, reclusive. Here was Phil Anschutz– rich, controlling, conservative, mysterious, reclusive. The soulmates apparently found one another only just in time. Film version to come.

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