News Nuggets, 14 Augut 2009: Penry’s Karl Rove

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MINI KARL: Senate Minority Leader and gubernatorial candidate Josh Penry has pitched himself as a new kind of Republican, one seeking a return to true conservativism. He has tried to distance himself from the GOP of the Bush years, saying the party is now in a “political ditch” as a result of Bush-era politics and policies. Yesterday, though, he announced he had hired Mike Britt, former associate director of the Bush White House Office of Political Affairs, to run his campaign.

Britt was a Karl Rove acolyte and one of the targets in 2007 of the Congressional investigation into violations of the Presidential Records Act, also known as the White House email scandal, where Rove and Britt and other strategists conducted official government business on their Republican National Committee email accounts instead of on White House email accounts. White House email is part of a public record archived for future researchers. The RNC emails, though, were mysteriously deleted when investigators began asking for them. Rove, as has long been suspected and is now becoming increasingly clear, likely used those email accounts when he was pulling strings in the illegal firing of eight U.S. Attorneys. The RNC accounts were also likely the key channel through which Rove and Britt and others conducted business with arch-lobbyist Jack Abramoff and through which they orchestrated the politicization of the General Services Administration. The GSA is the agency that awards enormous government contracts to private businesses. The Rove-Britt arm of the Bush White House illegally gathered appointees at the GSA and instructed them on Democratic lawmakers targeted for defeat. Rove’s White House team directed GSA officials to think of ways they could use their contract-awarding power to help Republican candidates win elections, all of which was in plain violation of the law.

Mike Britt came to Colorado only last year and until yesterday was director of the state GOP. Now he’s doing his business for would-be governor Penry. The Denver Post reported the news of Britt’s selection as Penry’s campaign manager. But Media Matters had Britt’s number more than a year ago. Britt is our new Colorado Karl Rove.

FUNCTION IN THE JUNCTION: Tea Partiers and 912ers will be out in force in Grand Junction Saturday for the President’s town hall. They’ll be holding another “Hands Off My Health Care” rally. Americans for Prosperity is behind those rallies and Jack Abramoff is behind the men behind Americans for Prosperity, men like Tim Phillips, a real grassroots regular kind of American guy, if that’s what we’re calling behind-the-scenes corporate-political lobbyists these days.

Just two Friday nuggets. Happy weekend.

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