News Nuggets, 18 August 2009: Breaking ground, rules, noses

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STIMULUS COLORADO: Volunteer ProPublica reporter Erica Grossman looked into a $31 million Colorado repaving and bike trail project as part of a stimulus-tracker investigation. She discovered that Colorado is doing a good job moving on stimulus projects, including the $31 million road and bike bonanza outside Denver. It was started on July 11 by Castle Rock Construction, which told state officials that so far the stimulus money has made it possible for the company to hire six new employees and save 135 positions.

THE RULES: Constituents planning to meet Fourth District U.S. Rep Betsy Markey at one of her Congress on Your Corner events this week will enjoy a semi-initimate chat and will bring home a specially prepared abridged and updated copy of “Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation,” a manual of recommendations allegedly penned by George Washington on how to make your opinions known in the manner of a thinking citizen and not in the manner of a goofball weaned on talk radio and FOX News.

SUMMIT DEMOCRACY: From a colorful eyewitness at a Frisco health reform town hall with Sen. Bennet: “There wasn’t more shouting than expected for a topic of such import, and when volume rose, people of all stripes did the shushing. Attendees were generally tolerant of questioners, pointed or rambling, insightful or inane; even statements disguised as questions were squirmed through. My personal favorite boiled down to something like ‘Get rid of the lobbyists. Then we’ll start in on the rich.’ At least no one’s nose was broken.”

INTERNET CITIES: Broadband internet is an absolute must-ingredient of contemporary commercial life. A lot of commerce happens in cities. But lots of people don’t enjoy broadband in cities. So why isn’t the stimulus plan covering broadband development in the nation’s cities?

FAULT LINES: The Centennial state was shaken Sunday and Monday by earthquakes, 3.7 and 3.9 Richter scale ratings. The cause may have been mere geological shifting. Or the quakes may have been the result of a health-reform debate fracking experiment. All that bile is sure to loosen up the earth!

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