U.S. Rep. Jared Polis: On your corner and on your screen

Second District Democratic U.S. Rep. Jared Polis held a Congress on Your Corner event yesterday in Boulder. He also appeared in a taped segment of the Colbert Report. The very different venues both involved beer. In Boulder, Polis talked fluidly about a public option; on Colbert he talked about feathered caps. We have the tapes!

Even in lefty Boulder, Polis tamped down fears that health reform would end in socialized medicine. According to the Daily Camera, Bonnie Ramthun, of Erie, saw a bleak Canadian-style future. Whether she has ever been to Canada or to a Canadian health clinic remain an unanswered question.

“We’re going to be like Canada, with just wretched health care clinics.”

“Some people fear the government more than insurance companies but some people fear the insurance companies more than the government,” Polis said at one point.

On Comedy Central, Polis managed to get Stephen Colbert talking about his own mental explorations of gayness. Fantastic.

In Boulder:

On Comedy Central:

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