Conservation group hammers Rep. Salazar for no vote on ‘cap and trade’

The League of Conservation Voters Thursday launched a television ad campaign in Grand Junction, Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver blasting U.S. Rep. John Salazar for voting against the Waxman-Markey climate change bill.

Only two of those cities – Grand Junction and Pueblo – are actually in Salazar’s 3rd Congressional District, but the message of the campaign may resonate better with Front Range city dwellers than in blue-collar Pueblo or the Western Slope gas patches around Grand Junction.

The ad features a ranching neighbor of the blue-dog Democrat, Colin Henderson of La Jara: “You can grow just about anything in Colorado sunshine, and these days all our sun and wind are growing something pretty special.”

Then a voice over: “Clean energy jobs, all across the state, but when John Salazar voted no on the American Clean Energy and Security Act [aka, Waxman-Markey], he voted no on wind, on solar, and on more clean-energy jobs.”

Back to Henderson: “Congressman Salazar, let’s work together to give clean-energy jobs a bright future in Colorado.”

In an LCV release put out late Wednesday, Henderson is quoted on the ag issues that prompted Salazar to vote no a bill the Senate will take up after the August recess:

“As my congressman, I know representative Salazar believes in defending rural values, but he missed an opportunity to use our state’s natural resources to create clean energy jobs.”

Salazar’s office did not provide an immediate response Thursday.

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