GOP strategist Wadhams not planning to play poker with Harry Reid

Colorado Republican Party Chairman Dick Wadhams took a trip to Vegas and gave a presentation there for Nevada GOP Chair Sue Lowden, who is reportedly angling to run against U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The events sparked rumor-reporting among Colorado political watchers: Dick Wadhams is leaving the state, where he has failed miserably at getting Republicans elected after failing miserably elsewhere. Let him take his act to Nevada! But Wadhams squelched the rumors. He later commented that he was staying put, that he had plenty of work to do in Colorado, rare indisputable words from the political party chairman.

But has he been watching Reid at work these days? Among all of history’s vulnerable Senate Majority leaders, Reid must rank in the top ten.

Crazy old Illinois hack Roland Burris beat Reid earlier this year, when he accepted a tainted appointment to Pres. Obama’s Senate seat from comically corrupt impeached Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Reid told the world he would not stand for Burris’s seating among the distinguished members of the U.S. Senate and then Burris was of course seated anyway. Et cetera.

And here is Reid all fired up on health care reform.

Nevada is more amenable to Republicans than Colorado is these days. Reid is vulnerable. A good campaign could land a major political victory for the GOP there. In sum, Wadhams may have given up a chance to win a big one, only confirming what many here suspect: That the GOP’s top political strategist in Colorado could use a political strategist.

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