Anti-ACORN pile on creates bad legislation and lawmaker confusion

The Minnesota Independent is reporting that U.S. Rep and conservative Christian firebrand Michele Bachmann is going after ACORN again, calling for a congressional investigation of the community organizing group.

Bachmann worked to push through the sloppy Defund ACORN Act, last week and has been further speechifying against the group this week on the floor of the House chamber. In one impassioned address, she said “we have seen” that the poverty and housing group has been involved with “furthering the trafficking of illegal aliens, minor girls into childhood prostitution and child abuse.”

But ACORN committed no such crimes. Workers were caught in a sting where the crimes were all playacted. Video after the jump.

The action began when filmmaker James O’Keefe posted his report on the sting operation, where he claimed to be a Washington D.C. pimp interested in starting a brothel to prostitute underage girls from El Salvador. ACORN workers advised him on the steps he would have to take to get a mortgage to start the business.

After O’Keefe’s video made news, Bachmann co-sponsored the quickly-passed Defund ACORN Act. But the Act was written in such overly broad language that analysts pointed out it could be used to also defund military contractors, a fact that has prompted Jeremy Scahill at TruthOut to ask: “Where’s the ‘Defund Blackwater’ Act?”

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