Birther talk-radio host Boyles now ‘80% sure’ Obama was born in Hawaii

Talk-radio host and voice of the “birther” movement in Colorado Peter Boyles yesterday told Joseph Farah, editor of right-wing website World Net Daily, that he was “80 percent sure [Barack Obama] was probably born in Hawaii.”

The admission came during a discussion in which Farah and Boyles celebrated a recent decision by a California judge to hear a case on Obama’s eligibility to be president.

World Net Daily reports the lawsuit was brought by parties that include former U.S. ambassador Alan Keyes as well as Wiley Drake and Markham Robinson of the American Independent Party.

Alan Keyes, who ran against Barack Obama for the Illinois Senate, has also stated that Obama is “an evil man and needs to be stopped.”

For the past year Boyles has hosted World Net Daily writers and editors to ask the question “Where is the birth certificate?” Recently, as the Colorado Independent reported, Boyles and World Net Daily posted billboards in Denver asking the same question.

Farah told Boyles, “We need reinforcement out there in the media on this. World Net Daily can not do it alone…. That is why we appreciate you so much.”

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