Elway terrorism video keeps on giving

Topping this week’s “we paid for this?” file is John Elway’s new Colorado anti-terrorism video, which has been doing laps in the world of commentary since it was released on Monday. The video features very scary music, and its overall “be very afraid” tone is likely to send it straight into a terrorism remake of The Atomic Café.

So how do we know what terrorists look like? The video terror-makers are a Caucasian clean-cut bunch, so apparently ethnic profiling won’t do. We have to look at what they do. What does Elway think terrorists do?

Among other things, terrorists take pictures of things that aren’t scenery, give money to charity, and take notes. (Watching the video is a little like taking Abnormal Psychology. It’s hard not to think “Oh my God! I’m a terrorist!”)

The video, which features the former Denver Broncos quarterback/steakhouse magnate John Elway and 9News anchor Kim Christiansen, was produced by the Denver office of the FBI, the Colorado Information Analysis Center, the Colorado Governor’s Office of Homeland Security, the Colorado Department of Agriculture, and the Center for Empowered Living and Learning (The Cell), a Denver-based nonprofit working to prepare citizens to fight terrorism.

But it was paid for, in part, by you and me—courtesy of a $30,400 grant from the Department of Homeland Security.

Real estate mogul Larry Mizel, benefactor of the Mizel Museum (which contains The Cell) is said to have kicked in the rest.

You, too, can fight terrorists.

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