Latino groups say ‘Basta!’ to Dobbs, call on CNN to exile him to FOX

CNN next week is airing a series called “Latino in America” in which Soledad O’Brien will explore and celebrate the ways the exploding U.S. Latino population is shaping the country. But isn’t CNN the same station that airs the anti-Latino rantings of Lou Dobbs? It is. And Latino organizations are seizing on the contrasting messages to call “Basta!” on Dobbs.

National advocacy group Presente and an increasing number of regional groups, including the Colorado Latino Forum, have sent out emails and posted a website and a YouTube that call for the ultimate in humiliating punishment: They want to force Dobbs “out of the mainstream and onto the Fox Business Channel!”

From Presente:

Please watch the video and then add your name to the 50,000 others who are sending a message to CNN that they cannot counterbalance Dobbs’ hate, fear and misinformation with one series.

Last month we asked you to sign on to a petition targeted at Dobbs’ advertisers to tell them to stop sponsoring hate, and your efforts are making an impact: the New York Times reports that Dobbs is considering an exit from CNN to join FOX Business Channel. Now it’s time to keep the pressure on.

Will you help push Dobbs out of the mainstream and onto Fox Business Channel? Watch the video and sign the petition, then share this action with your friends and family.

Stand up to Dobbs’ efforts to paint immigrants as dangerous “others” who aren’t like “us”. Tell CNN’s Jon Klein that FOX can have him — and his hateful ideas.

The video:

It’s a damning montage, even if it’s a bit of a cut and paste job.

LOU DOBBS: “The invasion of illegal aliens is threatening the health of many Americans… Tuberculosis, leprosy, malaria… “

LESLIE STAHL (60 Minutes): “We went to try and check that. We can’t, just so you know.”

DOBBS: “Well let me tell you this: If we reported it, it’s a fact.

STAHL: “You can’t tell me that.”

DOBBS: “I just did.”

STAHL: “You distort the figures. You exaggerate.”

DOBBS: “A third of the prison population is illegal aliens.”

AMY GOODMAN (Democracy Now): “Six percent of prisoners in this country are noncitizens– not even illegal.”

DOBBS: “Yes, but I– and I misspoke.”

DOBBS: “Mexico has become our enemy.”

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