Sen. Brophy happily avoiding Denver traffic and newspaper reports

Colorado Republican state Senator Greg Brophy tweets this past weekend that he was back in small town Wray where he lives far from the hustle and bustle of Denver. No stoplights! No traffic! He was also quoted at the Website Colorado Senate News on Monday repeating GOP talking points attacking Gov. Ritter– talking points that were thoroughly debunked in the Sunday edition of the Denver Post.

Colorado Senate News Monday post:

Assistant Senate GOP leader Greg Brophy said Ritter’s latest attempt to distance himself from the growth of the state’s bureaucracy is “salt in the wounds for the many Coloradans who have lost jobs in the private sector.”

Brophy also said it underscores the Ritter administration’s lack of focus and lack of leadership in the wake of successive economic forecasts that consistently point to plummeting revenue. The administration repeatedly has been caught off-guard by those forecasts, with its budgets often “out of balance before the ink is even dry,” Brophy said.

“The governor is spending too much time splitting hairs over which new employees he has hired and not enough time trying to balance the budget, which is the real challenge,” said Brophy, a corn farmer from Wray. “I get this picture of him hiding under his desk waiting for the next revenue forecast and praying that it will be better.”

The talking points belong to Senate Minority Leader and gubernatorial candidate Josh Penry, who has been claiming for weeks that Ritter has been on a “hiring spree” since he was elected, inexcusably growing big government in recession-wracked Colorado. But the Post’s Tim Hoover ran the numbers and reported that the claim is just not true. More than that, a lot of the hiring that has been done came as a result of legislation Penry co-sponsored. In other words, the talking points about Ritter and big government amount to a disingenuous stretch at best and hypocrisy at worst, i.e., politics as usual.

So why didn’t Penry himself defend or apologize for the debunked talking points? Why is Brophy defending them from Wray, where he’s not reading the paper. And why is the defense of the debunked talking points appearing on the pages of the tax-funded state Senate Minority Office website, already a target of a Penry Campaign-centered Open Records lawsuit? Why are we paying for Josh Penry’s campaign with our tax money in recession-wracked Colorado?

Brophy has been busy watching the Amazon sales of the books “authored” by Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck when he should be reading Tim Hoover.

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