Falcon Heene: He’s safe, so buy a balloon boy T-shirt!

falcon heene

Falcon Heene didn’t crawl into the balloon-saucer-craft his father built to chase storms and to test theories of magnetics and gravity. The six-year-old youngest Heene boy instead crawled into a box in the attic of his home, where he snacked and took a nap and successfully avoided his parents, local security agents and the national media for five hours while a global frenzy built around his whereabouts and the car-sized tinfoil balloon that floated out of his backyard in Fort Collins.

Falcon is alive! Which means that now, of course, he is the subject of an insta-line of silly T-shirt wear. “Go Falcon Go!

go falcon

It’s actually kind of a funny tee: the image has the craft getting now-comically floppy and deflating, as it did in its final turns around the field near Hudson in Weld County, a metaphor for the anticlimactic live TV moment when the flight ended and no passenger was found and the story first turned more dramatic and then ominously suspended and then finally happily banal, as Falcon descended from the attic.

The “Go Falcon Go!” message weighs in too, perhaps, on love-hate feelings toward today’s predictable celebrity-making media machinery. It also says something similar on feelings right or wrong about the Heene house in the wake of the story, in addition to whatever it might be saying about more general attitudes toward life as an adult in the global-warming recession-wracked partisan-politics stamped contemporary world!

“Go Falcon Go!”

You know you want one. (Never mind that the shirts may have been for sale even before Falcon was found to have survived the eventful day of his non-flight.)

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