Growing topic: How to ‘Succeed’ from the Union

Washington Independent writer Dave Weigel has turned up more nuggets in his endless mining of the contemporary bizarro conservative movement. This time at, a user-driven site home to mainstream Republican Party faithful, where secession from the Union nevertheless appears to be a growing topic of interest.

I was wondering if anyone could help me on this subject..what it would take for a state to succeed [sic] from the union? I know with joining the union you need to have 3/5 of the states to ratify the constitution but can not find what it takes to leave and form own that supports itself….i would keep the first ten ammendments [sic] and a few others that are necessary like voting age womens rights… let me know if you could please.

“Forty-five responses so far,” wrote Weigel at 8:42 a.m. MST. “Other popular topics: ‘Kick McCain out of the party’ and ‘Our Party is in disarray.'”

But Weigel put the site in context, noting difficulties that plague two popular open-use platforms on the left: at, the Communist Party started a satellite site; at Daily Kos, anti-Semitic bloggers draw criticism to the site as a whole.

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