Palin insta-memoir ‘Going Rogue’ priced to sell at $9

Former governor Sarah Palin completed her memoir in four months. She knew what she wanted to say, apparently, and had Lynn Vincent, a senior writer for the Christian publication World Magazine, bang it out. The book is due November 17 and is originally listed at $28.99 at Amazon, except that it’s already available at a cut-rate discount: Going Rogue is priced-to-sell at a mere $9– that’s for a hardcover due out in three weeks. Which raises the question: How many bestseller lists can the book top before it’s printed?

palin book

Palin’s book is just the latest addition to the the right-wing bestseller industry, where wingnut web-giveaways and bulk pre-publication sales inflate purchase rates and shoot titles up the lists, leading stores to further promote and discount them. It’s part of what Hillary Clinton, also author of a bestselling memoir, might call the vast right-wing publishing conspiracy, where the marketing of conservative titles as bestsellers is meant to push a right-wing agenda and bolster arguments that the majority of the country really thinks like Rush– or Palin or like attack writer Jerome Corsi, author of election-season bestseller The Obama Nation, a “nonfiction bestseller” that was neither, as Prof. Peter Drier put it.

Progressive or lefty or leftwing or radical leftist site Buzzflash (What do the words mean anymore?) will be selling a parody comic book version of Palin’s memoir entitled “Going Rouge.” (But shouldn’t that be “Goin’ Rouge”?) Look for it behind a big promotional campaign with lifesize cardboard cutouts and so on at all your favorite chain bookstores!

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