Who hates ACORN most? Rep. Steve King makes his case

A “corrupt criminal organization” that caused the global financial crisis. That’s right. But Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, is not referring to any bonus-loving cowboys’ Wall Street hedge fund or renegade bank department. He is speaking about that low-income housing and voter registration powerhouse ACORN.

Video after the jump by David Weigel, who has been following this story for TCI sister site The Washington Independent.

“Now Congress has voted in the House and the Senate to unfund ACORN… We need to act as a Congress. We need to open up investigations in the Judiciary Committee and Government Reform and Ways and Means and Appropriations Committee and also in Financial Services and… The Department of Justice needs to investigate… in cooperation with the IRS. There’s not enough that we can do but this Congress needs to open up on all fronts and we need to be voting to shut down the funding of ACORN… I appreciate the attention of the press on this matter because without you, this subject goes away and the American people lose.”

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