What was in that McInnis video pulled down at Rocky Mountain Right?

UPDATE BELOW: Silly season video found!

Blogger Ellie at conservative blog site Rocky Mountain Right posted a video this morning that she said was meant to mock gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis but that merely highlighted the “juvenile mentality” of state Sen. Josh Penry’s gubernatorial campaign. The video appears to have been posted at 7:55 a.m. It’s been pulled down and the site says there is no evidence linking the video to the Penry campaign. Where is this video?

Ellie was aghast:

“Our country and Colorado are in serious financial trouble. I want a serious candidate for Governor that has the experience and maturity to tackle the issues of jobs and the economy. Not one who thinks it’s fun to make UTube videos about a fellow Republican.”

There seem to be no recent Scott McInnis videos posted at YouTube. Ellie couldn’t have been talking about this months’-old Caplis and Silverman-radio show mashup, could she?

There’s a lot of journalism to do today, as every day, but there’s also 14 inches of snow on the ground, schools are closed along the Denver-Boulder corridor, no one’s answering phones and we want to know what this video looked like? Rocky Mountain Right doesn’t want voters to see this video. But we want to see it.

Readers, did anyone view this thing? Let us know at the tip email address or in the comments section!

Voila! Here it is, as predicted around the Colorado blogosphere, GOP gubernatorial frontrunner McInnis catching McChicken heat for betting that debating Penry offers nothing to gain politically. The silly season is upon us!

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