Polis launches new ‘techie and Trekie’ website

Jared Polis has come out of the closet: The internet millionaire, reality TV star and 2nd District U.S. Representative is also a Star Trek-loving geek! Today he announced that he has reworked his dot gov website to provide better resources and to more accurately reflect his personality. A Polis avatar walks across the bottom of the screen welcoming constituents before being “beamed up” to the Polis mothership somewhere.

There’s also a running slideshow of the Congressman hiking with a group through the beautiful Rocky Mountain landscape in CO2. The photos look like stills of a Star Trek set, Captain Kirk touring a distant planet with his coterie of USS Enterprise pals Spock, Bones and the rest– all not very well disguised to look like natives.

polis spliff

The site of course provides access to various Polis media (Twitter, Facebook, etc) and plenty of resources to tap for information on the district and on political issues.

But visitors also get a feel for the liberal lifestyle our likable Rep enjoys. There he is in a jaunty cap talking with friends. There he is shooting a potato gun. And there he is sampling some weed from one of the increasing number of hidden pot farms in the state. What? Yeah. Check it out. Is that my congressman smoking a Rocky Mountain spliff?

The note drafted by Polis welcoming visitors to the new site is very deferential. In fact, the tone is awkwardly formal, kind of robotic. It reads like C-3PO speaking to Luke Skywalker– or like something Polis might say in his office late at night when, surrounded by a small coterie of fellow Trekies, he imitates his new cyberspace self: “It is an honor to serve you, my constituent, in whatever way I can.” Popcorn and beer then spill around the room as staffers grab for their splitting sides.

polis avatar

I am proud to represent the 600,000 residents of Colorado’s beautiful second Congressional district.

Please take a look around and take advantage of the resources and information available to all of my constituents on this web site. It is an honor to serve you, my constituent, in whatever way I can.

Should you have any questions that this site cannot answer, please feel free to contact me or my Colorado and Washington, DC office, as my staff and I are here to serve you.


Jared Polis

From the press release sent out by Polis’s office announcing the new site:

In addition to viewing archived news stories, press releases, and floor speeches as well as photo, video, and audio galleries, visitors can request flags flown over the U.S. Capitol and tours of Washington, DC attractions; schedule meetings with Congressman Polis and his staff; and learn how to contact Congressman Polis or his staff by phone, in person, or via email.

New and updated features include

* Virtual welcome message.
* District Resources: Geographic and demographic information on CD-2.
* Office Resources: Staff roles and contact information; contact information and maps/directions to Polis’ district offices; events calendar; online meeting requests.
* Legislative Resources: U.S. House of Representatives floor schedule; Congressman Polis’ vote record.
* Media Resources: Press releases; news coverage; floor speeches; photo/video/audio gallery.
* Constituent Services: help with federal agencies (VA, IRS, etc.); assistance applying for federal grants; requests for Presidential greetings, flags flown over the U.S. Capitol, and tours of Washington, DC attractions.
* Student Resources: Applications for Internships in Polis’ offices, U.S. Service Academies, Congressional Page Program; Congressional Arts Competition; Federal Student Loan Programs.

“Personally staying in touch with my constituents is something I really enjoy,” said Polis. “I encourage my constituents to friend me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or subscribe to my videos on YouTube. I love using these new media and my new website to keep in touch and serve my district while I’m in DC.”

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  1. This message is for Governor Polis; Please vote No on 19-042. This would destroy any representation of Coloradoans in the vote for POTUS. The electoral college was established so that all people, including the less populated states, would have representation. Please vote against this 19-042. Sincerely, Patricia Lee Polson, 1440 Black Canyon Rd., Crawford, Colorado 81415.

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