Denver Post embraces the Twitter, succombs to ridiculousness

Colorado State Sen. Dave Schultheis set the mediasphere alight this week with another one of his outrageous comments, born as usual from his deliberate submersion in the far-right echochamber of Obama-hating free-market-cultish media that features Fox News, WorldNet Daily, Matt Drudge and the Washington Times. Schultheis is unapologetically offensive in the cause of his tea party Christian-right conservativism and his Colorado Springs district loves him for it. This week, he messaged to the Twittersphere that Obama was like one of the 9/11 terrorists, intentionally flying the airplane of state, as it were, into the ground.

In response, the Denver Post’s Jessica Fender did what journalists do: She reported the unfolding tweet controversy and collected up some reactions. Great. Then the Post editors weighed in by– what else?– taking to the Twitter and semi-ironically finger-wagging at old Schultheis. It was a Twitter spat, where the state Paper of Record made a fool of itself in a 140-character digital tweet-for-tat with one of the state’s most embarrassing elected officials.


See if the Post tweets don’t almost achieve the impossible and have you quietly cheering for crazy Schultheis:

Sen_Schultheis Don’t for a second think Obama wants what is best for U.S. He is flying the U.S. Plane right into the ground at full speed. Let’s Roll

DenverPost_EdBoard @Sen_Schultheis: Don’t think we buy your claim you didn’t mean to equate the president with terrorists. No one is buying it.

DenverPost_EdBoard @Sen_Schultheis: We’re tired of the Birther culture you’re appealing to. Attack Obama on the merits of his agenda, but recognize Obama is sincere.

DenverPost_EdBoard @Sen_Schultheis: To believe that the American people elected a president intent on destroying the U.S. is hateful and absurd. Such debate is debasing.

DenverPost_EdBoard @Colorado_GOP: Demand that Sen. Schultheis apologize. Insist that your party keep its criticisms meaningful. The president isn’t a Manchurian destructor.

DenverPost_EdBoard Casting Obama as a terrorist trying to destroy the U.S. only hurts legitimate critics concerned about growth of gov spending and meddling.

This is not really what Twittering is all about. This is overkill. These are the tweets of a dad trying to be cool. Ugh. Colorado. It’s all so embarrassing.

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