Schultheis explains: It’s just that Obama is making the U.S. fascist

State Sen. Dave Schultheis, R-Colorado Springs, attempted to clear up the Twitter controversy he ignited by likening the President to one of the September 11 terrorist hijackers. Schultheis took to a friendly venue, Peter Boyles’ talk-radio show, where the soon-to-retire senior-citizen right-wing Schultheis came off as more in tune with contemporary life than the host.

Earlier this week Schultheis tweeted:

“Don’t for a second, think Obama wants what is best for U.S. He is flying the U.S. Plane right into the ground at full speed. Let’s Roll”

Sen. Dave Schultheis
Sen. Dave Schultheis
“Let’s roll” is what 9/11 United Airlines Flight 93 passenger Todd Beamer called out just before he and his fellow passengers rushed the cockpit in an attempt to take control of the flight. They succeeded in overtaking the hijackers and downing the plane, which was likely headed for the Capitol. Beamer’s “Let’s roll” rallying cry, which was heard on an open cellphone line, was widely cited and later became a battle cry for those fighting Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Schultheis said he had no idea. He did not mean to create an analogy between Obama and the 9-11 hijackers. He only meant that Obama must be stopped because his programs are “all designed to hurt this country.”

Schultheis said he would not apologize for his statements and said that he was angered by the fact that “this guy is taking this country down fast.” He said Obama has surrounded himself by Marxists and communists and “did not have one free-market person on his czar list.”

Obama is trying to take control of everything, he told Boyles. “It is fascism and Marxism.”

Colorado Springs Rep. Kent Lambert has said he will run for Schultheis’s senate seat next year.

BOYLES: Listen don’t say you are sorry man.

SCHULTHEIS: I am not saying I am sorry. It is interesting what a 120 characters can do to the world.

BOYLES: All right, front page of the Denver Post.

SCHULTHEIS: Oh my Gosh. Front Page you are kidding me?

BOYLES: Well it is in Denver and the West.


BOYLES: Senator Obama 9-11 tie in un-witting.

SCHULTHEIS: His tweet about the US flying into the ground and let’s roll gives wrong impression.


BOYLES: So what the hell were you thinking?

SCHULTHEIS: I will tell you what I was thinking. Two days ago I was so furious with all the stuff that Obama was doing to ruin this economy. I haven’t seen one thing he has done that has helped the economy. They all are designed to hurt it. He has marxists, communists, and everything around him. He doesn’t have one free market person in his czar list. And it just absolutely angered me. And I thought this guy is taking this country down fast. And so I just thought of that. He is taking the U.S. plane down fast. And so, and then I said ‘Let’s roll.’ That is the thing that came to mind. Like let’s get moving and get this thing turned around. So, you know, that’s–

BOYLES: How did it get out?

SCHULTHEIS: How did it get out? I Twitted it.

BOYLES: What did that mean?

SCHULTHEIS: You got to join the 21st century. I put it on my Twitter and it gets out to a number of my people and of course they retweet it to their people.

BOYLES: What did it say?

SCHULTHEIS: What it said was ‘Don’t think for a second Obama wants what is best for the U.S. He is flying the U.S. plane into the ground full speed. Let’s roll.’ That is what I said. Of course the left wingers just love this. They think I am being somehow–

BOYLES: You are being– the state senate president Brandon Shaffer, D-Longmont, demanding Wednesday Schultheis retract his statement calling–

SCHULTHEIS: (laughs)

BOYLES: Calling– wait a minute I am not making this up– calling it appalling. House speaker Terrance Carol who won’t return one phone call said he is willing to give Schultheis the benefit of the doubt on ‘let’s roll’ but you should be more civil when discussing the president. And I am thinking this is a guy who said we should build a wall around Colorado to keep the Minute Men out. Not to keep the illegals out, but to keep the Minute Men out… Brandon Shaffer “This is appalling”. I got your appalling right here.

SCHULTHEIS: Yeah, well I guess we all have to have our own opinions on things.

BOYLES: I guarantee you tomorrow, guarantee you tomorrow, if not one all. If not tomorrow let’s say Sunday. Sunday. Litwin, Tina, Susan Green, Bill Johnson. They are going to get you. They are going to get you.

SCHULTHEIS: They are not going to get me. They are going to report it. But they are not going to get me.

BOYLES: Really cool you coming on the show to talk about it.


BOYLES: It is really cool. I love what you are doing.

SCHULTHEIS: Well I feel very strongly about what Obama is doing. He has all sorts of anti-capitalists around him and he wants to control everything. It’s fascism and Marxism…

BOYLES: I was trying to make this point to people who don’t read history or understand economics. The federal government is now going into the insurance business. It is going to sell citizens insurance.


BOYLES: That is not socialism, that is corporate fascism. That is when the big corporations and the government hook up and sell….the government now starts to nationalize or fascize or whatever the hell the word is 1/6 of the private economy. Now if you don’t see that as very alarming. the government will now sell insurance.

SCHULTHEIS: Unbelievable.

BOYLES: And Dave people are saying that is a good thing.

SCHULTHEIS: And soon they will be doing the papers, they will be taking over the news papers.

BOYLES: We already did it. Pravda, Vesta, Taz. You know. Muslini’s paper boys. What is it… Gerble’s paper. It is crazy. We are watching history be repeated and people say it is a good thing.

SCHULTHIES: Those who resist it, they try to silence us.

BOYLES: Silence of the lambs….

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