Wolf Auto posts new ‘President or Jihad?’ billboard for Denver-area commuters

president or jihad

The Wolf Auto “birther” billboard inspired by talk-radio host Peter Boyles and paid for by wingnut blogsite WorldNet Daily has been replaced. Commuters on I70 will no longer be confronted by the question “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” and be left to ponder Pres. Obama’s citizenship. Now they are being asked to consider, in the wake of the Fort Hood shootings, whether Obama is “President or Jihad,” a muddled but provocative question.

The new Wolf Auto Wheatridge billboard was captured today by blog site “Say It Ain’t So.” The childlike spelling and drawing that characterize the sign are sure to raise questions of authenticity. Is this the latest work of the Yes Men, this time looking to parody the conspiracy-driven right? No. It seems clear the sign is tied to recent Boyles rantings on the Fort Hood Shootings and U.S. politically correct culture and the threat Islam poses to America.

The sign reads “President or Jihad? Prove It! Wake Up America! Remember Ft. Hood!” Obama is presented in caricature, wearing a turban.

president or jihad

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