But can’t the non-citizens work in the uranium mill?

The same Montrose County board of commissioners that recently kicked off a uranium mill hearing with the Pledge of Allegiance and then stood on a stack of apple pies in approving the domestic energy, freedom-from-foreign-oil benefits of a proposed uranium mill is now slamming the anti-American U.S. Census Bureau.

According to the Montrose Daily Press, commissioners Ron Henderson and Gary Ellis rejected a resolution supporting the 2010 Census because it will actually count people living in the country – information that might be generally beneficial for Uncle Sam.

(Staver: Flickr)
(Staver: Flickr)

“I just don’t think it’s right (to count undocumented residents). I just don’t think it’s being done correctly,” Henderson told the paper. “It’s not that we’re stopping it, but our government needs to wake up. It’s not waking up.”

Ellis balked for the same reason, rejecting the Census Bureau’s notion that residency status is not relevant in the process of conducting an accurate population count, according to the paper. “Otherwise, from my perspective, we really kind of support people who are violating our laws,” he said.

Commissioner David White, who was clearly exasperated with the invasion of liberal greenies from Telluride during the uranium hearings, apparently doesn’t share Henderson and Ellis’s take on the 2010 Census. He voted in favor of the resolution.

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