Note from the YouTube ad age: Mock Coors and pull down national press

On television in the pre-digital age, Pete Coors stood in the great Colorado outdoors next to a rushing stream “somewhere near Golden, Colorado,” hawking his famously mediocre beer. How earnest. How phony. How pre-internet. Breckenridge Brewery makes better beer and better ads. The ad it made recently hawking its Lucky U India pale ale as part of a campaign touting the Breckenridge Brewery/FOX 31 Homebrewing Competition winningly sends up the iconic Pete Coors ad, and for that has drawn the attention of industry bloggers and the New York Times business section.

breckenridge brewery

Back in the day, Pete Coors could make believe his company was scooping the water for his product out of the state’s rivers untreated. Yum. Now even we beer drinkers know better. Across our beautiful state, abandoned mines are leaching toxic waste into those rivers, mysterious natural gas fracking fluid is likely chemically polluting groundwater and bears are still peeing in the streams. Thanks but no thanks, Pete Coors.

The Breckenridge ad was made by Denver-based Cultivator Advertising and Design. The regular-guy pitchman is Breckenridge Brewery head brewer Bob Harrington.

“We didn’t want to rub anyone the wrong way,” Brewery Director Todd Usry told the Times. He explained that the ad was just them having some fun. The ad wasn’t meant to imply that Coors beer tastes like bear urine, reports the Times.


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