Yes Men punk Coke in Copenhagen for greenwashing after Coke greenwashes in Copenhagen

Two members of the “pranktivist” group Yes Men held a press conference in Copenhagen yesterday, posing as repentant Coca Cola officials and apologizing for the company’s environmentally exploitative practices. The pranksters led the small group of reportedly curious and amused press conference attendees in a pledge to never drink Coke products again. The two pranksters lamented the misleading “greenwashing” efforts the company has engaged in of late, calling out the “bottle of hope” campaign, which they called “absurd” given the overwhelmingly negative effects the company has had on the environment.

As Grist reports, genuine Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent was in the same town square earlier in the day, extolling his company’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

Also according to Grist, about twenty people in the trailer took the Yes Men/Coca Cola pledge:

“I, [name], with respect for crimes against people and the planet, from this day forward, for the rest of my living days will never, ever, drink Coca-Cola again until the Coca-Cola company ceases and entirely stops stealing the water from communities in India and stops union-busting in Colombia and ceases and desists entirely from relentless and absurd greenwashing like a ‘bottle of hope.’”

A YouTube record of the absurdity:

coca cola india

The Yes Men reportedly supplied links to back up their claims against Coca Cola’s approach to labor and the environmental. Read here, here, and here.

The Yes Men made waves earlier this fall when they held a larger phony press conference on behalf of the global-warming denying U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Colorado businesses have joined major national corporations such as Nike in breaking with the Chamber over its stance.

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