In pushing nuclear power, Udall battling the Homer Simpson factor

Turns out Colorado U.S. Sen. Mark Udall is battling environmentalists and public fear of nuclear meltdowns on his new pro-nuke bill less than he’s battling the lingering stigma that Homer Simpson and his scofflaw boss Mr. Burns generated at their Springfield nuclear power plant.

homer simpson

Where does this bit of wisdom on the hurdles facing the nuclear industry revival come from? From the staid Wall Street Journal, which Tuesday blogged about a Canadian professor who’s been talking up the Simpson factor on north-of-the-border radio shows in the wake of the regulatory rejection of a nuclear power plant in Saskatchewan.

In Colorado, there isn’t so much talk about new power plants, which would consume an inordinate amount of water in our arid state, but more concern about uranium mining and its toxic legacy, as well as waste storage issues– and, of course, the possibility we’d be pulling three-eyed fish out of our streams.

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