Report: Colorado home to secret immigration detention centers

An upcoming report from The Nation purports to expose 186 secret Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention centers, four five of which are located here in Colorado.

According to the report, ICE has been confining people in “unlisted and unmarked subfield offices” around the country. A partial list of phone numbers and addresses suggest Colorado subfield offices exist in Denver, Aurora, Loveland and Pueblo.

ICE detention

The article explains that the facilities, although not fit to serve as detention centers proper, often end up holding detainees. Because the subfield offices do not list contact information, “clients can disappear into the system.”

ICE “clients” are detainees suspected of being in the States illegally. Men and women whose residency paperwork is merely being reviewed and so are in the States legally have been detained by ICE.

Edit Note: A tipster points out that The Nation also listed a subfield office in Grand Junction. There appear to be five offices in the state not four as originally reported. There amy be more. We are still reporting the story. The Colorado Independent regrets overlooking any Western Slope ICE officials and their detainees.

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